The Ultimate Cannabis Dosage Guide

Interesting fact: 147 million individuals, equating to 2.5 percent of the global population, use cannabis. This comes after the legalization of marijuana across different states, thanks to the drug’s fantastic health and therapeutic benefits.

If used appropriately, you can count on cannabis for pain relief, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, reduce inflammation and eliminate seizures in individuals with epilepsy. The main challenge comes in figuring out the appropriate cannabis dosage, and this guide has everything you should know.

Factors Affecting the Right Cannabis Dosage for You

A lot comes into play when figuring out the proper marijuana dosage. Note that what works for another person might not work well for you.

Some critical aspects to consider include:


You should take at most 6mg of cannabis for every 10lbs of body weight. Suppose you weigh 120lbs. you can take anywhere between 12mg and 20mg of cannabis, depending on what you wish to achieve or the severity of your pain.

Body Chemistry

Everyone has different body chemistry. Meaning, the way your body absorbs and processes CBD may vary from the other person. It will help if you start with the lowest dosage, observe how your body reacts to it, and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Health Condition

What do you wish to achieve from taking CBD? It could be that you want to improve your sleep pattern, reduce chronic pain, and minimize muscle pain after an intense workout. You may also use CBD as a supplement.

Modify your dosage depending on your goal.

Cannabis Concentration

The amount of cannabis to use per day depends on the amount of CBD contained in each edible, oil, tincture, or tropicals. The concentration is indicated on the package.

Your doctor will advise you on the ideal dosage and potential risks if you exceed the recommended dosage. This is critical, especially if you are using cannabis for medication.

Dosage Consideration for Different Cannabis Products

This cannabis dosage guide explains the different products and the right amount to consume.

Cannabis Oil Dosage

CBD oil is the most commonly used product, thanks to its ease of use and fast absorption. Moreover, cannabis oil has no THC traces, so you do not have to worry about getting high after use.

The standard cannabis oil dosage varies from 10mg to 100mg daily. The typical dosage is suitable for treating pain, inflammation, infection, depression, autism, arthritis, or anxiety. It is also a recommendable dosage for individuals looking to lose weight.

Experts suggest that you use 45mg to 60mg per day. Ideally, if a drop of oil contains 15mg CBD, use it thrice per day to get a total of 45 mg of CBD per day.

When purchasing CBD oil, pay attention to the concentration. This will dictate how much product you should use depending on how much CBD you wish to consume per day. Moreover, check the manufacturer’s recommendations and seek your doctor’s advice on the same.

Suppose your ideal CBD dosage is 20mg. It would be best to compute the correct milliliters for consumption based on the strength of the CBD oil per bottle. If you purchase a 30mg CBD oil bottle with 1200mg of CBD, divide this to determine the content.

That is:

1200mg/30mg =40mg per dropper

Therefore, you should fill the dropper halfway to obtain the right dosage of 20mg and use it thrice per day to achieve the 60mg per day.

It would be best to purchase THC-free cannabis to avoid psychotic effects. Check the wholesale full spectrum CBD oil price to help you acquire highly refined and high potency CBD for best results.

CBD Tincture Dosage

CBD tincture is a mixture of cannabis and alcohol. The tinctures are packed in half-ounce bottles that come with a dropper for easy dosing and use.

It will help if you check CBD concentration as indicated on the bottle to help you determine the number of drops to use per dosage. In most cases, CBD tinctures contain between 10 and 25 percent of CBD. This makes tinctures the most concentrated cannabis products.

A few drops of tinctures are what you need to alter your mind in as low as 30 minutes. Therefore, you should be cautious with dosing, especially if you are a beginner.

Again, just as with CBD oil, divide the capacity of CBD tincture by the CBD concentration per bottle to compute the milliliters to take per dosage.

To consume CBD, you should put a few drops under the tongue. The product enters the body through the veins under the tongue and gets to the bloodstream by passing through the digestive system.

This makes cannabis tincture purer. Although tinctures contain a little THC, which could make you high, the product makes you relaxed and sleepy. It is, therefore, the best way to improve sleep, alleviate stress, anxiety and treat pain.

Cannabis Edible Dosage

CBD edibles, such as cookies, capsules, and tablets, are loved for producing effective and long-lasting results. However, overconsuming these products result in unpleasant effects.

Understand the possible effects of different dosages. And learn the critical factors to consider when selecting the right amount to consume.

Every individual has a unique internal physiologic environment. Therefore, the way your body responds to a dose of CBD edibles can vary from the next. Consider your history of cannabis use, the sensitivity of your endocannabinoid system, and gastrointestinal factors before using these products.

The recommended cannabis edible dosage is 100mg. Exceeding this amount could lead to nausea, paranoia or your body could become CBD tolerant.

For mild pain, stress, and anxiety relief, you can consume up to 2.5mg of cannabis. This is also the appropriate amount for beginners.

For severe pain and stress relief, you can use up to 15mg. It is also an ideal dosage for recreational use. Anything above this amount is only suitable for individuals with high CBD tolerance.

Improve the Quality of Your Life with the Right CBD Dosage

With the above cannabis dosage tips, you are better positioned to use CBD correctly and avoid the possible side effects of misuse. Be sure to seek expert advice before use. The doctor will assess your health and body chemistry before deciding on the suitable cannabis dosage to suit your needs.

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