Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

When you purchase cannabis you usually have multiple strains that you can opt for. You have Indica, you have Hybrid or you have Sativa. All of these are a great option, but what makes them different to begin with?

Here are the differences between them.


Indicate strains are offering the physical sedation that a lot of people want to get. They are very relaxing, which is why a lot of people want them after a very hard time at work or at home. It’s very hard to get that amazing sense of relaxation, and this type of thing can really help you in such a situation, you just have to make the right pick.


When comparing the components and variations of marijuana, sativa is offering a very uplifting cerebral effect. It’s more powerful and easy to notice, not to mention extremely good for people that want a quick high. It’s definitely helpful for creative projects and social gatherings. 


As the name suggests, this falls somewhere in the middle. Some Hybrids are closer to the Indica strain, others are leaning more towards Sativa. Either way you can get some really good results, all you have to do is to make the right pick to get a good outcome.

When shopping through your local dispensary or buying CBD flower, it’s important to know the differences between Indica and Sativa, as it will deliver a different experience for each. When you start combining those elements and tweaking them to an individual’s specific needs, that is likely when you will start exploring the world of Hybrid strains as well.


Sativa is tall in stature, has narrow leaves, longer flowering cycles and it’s great for the warm climates that have long seasons. On the other hand Indica has short flowering cycles, it’s small in stature and it also features broad leaves. Not to mention it’s better for cold climates with short seasons.

Even the overall effects on your body will differ. Sativa is great for day time use, it’s for the creative people, it delivers energy, anti depressant features, helps focus, it also adds that sense of euphoria that you can rarely find out there. It’s also good for head highs. Indica strains on the other hand are better for night time use, they give you that sense of relaxation that you always want to get from something like this. Some people use them as sleep aid, pain relief, appetite stimulator and for anti-anxiety. Either way you can still get a very good value for both.

Which is the best?

As you can see the properties differ quite a lot. It all comes down to you to figure out what you need and how to implement this properly. It’s never going to be easy as you try to find the right solution. But still the best thing that you can do is to take your time and study the feature of each cannabis strain. With just a little bit of study you will have no problem finding the right strain for you.

If none of them seems to be the stuff you want, then the Hybrid strains might help a lot. They are not as impressive and powerful as others, but then again you receive a mix of the two and that’s always nice to have. Just consider giving any of these strains a shot for the best results!

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