Free Logo Design Tools to Create a Hemp Brand Identity

Need a professional logo for your local vape shop, weed-inspired ecommerce site, or your new CBD-infused product brand? If you do, skip the concept of paying an expensive design agency, and use a free online logo design tool instead.

Creating a logo using online tools isn’t the easiest, especially when there’s so many websites and so many tools to choose from that offer different pros and cons, and some that aren’t as reliable as others. And, it’s difficult to know what exactly you need from an online resource and what you’ll actually end up needing – some tools will offer too much, and some tools will offer too little. 

You want your logo to be memorable and be able to attract customers and develop a loyal following. However, there’s seven great tools that you can use to create an original, unique logo that your customers will remember once your business launches. Here’s the best tools out there to help you create your logo.


Designhill is a trusted, graphic design website that helps business owners with finding a logo design that’s perfectly customized to their business. Through a submission process, you can send out your idea for what you’d like your logo to look like, and get submissions from graphic designers all over the world who can send you their original designs of what your logo might look like – and, you get to choose which design you like best, and conduct a free survey with colleagues and friends who can vote on the design that they like best. It’s an all-inclusive logo maker that’s an easy way to make sure your business gets the perfect logo for you to use.


LogoYes’ tagline sums the website up – build a logo – it’s fast and easy. And the site is user friendly, free, and easy to use. Users have access to over 20,000 design options and a library full of graphics and design elements that you can use to create the perfect logo. You can adjust the fonts and colors to be whatever you’d like, and choose your graphics through an easily searchable category system. 

It’s the best system for users who have no experience in graphic design, but who don’t want to hire a graphic designer – the system is easy enough to use that anyone can create and design a logo that looks professional. 


Logojoy is an easy to use logo creator that helps you design a logo based on your preferences, color choices, fonts, and helps you put together a graphic that you’ll love. The system uses artificial intelligence to create a design. This tool is perfect for business owners who have absolutely no idea what they want for their logo – if you don’t know what font, colors, or graphics you want, this is a great tool. Through their artificial intelligence and survey tool, Logojoy is able to ask you questions and then analyze your answers to determine exactly what you’re looking for in a logo. It’s a (near) perfect system that’s able to help you understand what would work best for your business – even if you don’t even know the answer to that yet.


Squarespace is not only a tool that helps users build logos, it’s also a tool for building websites. The site works like a blank canvas – you can drag and drop your graphics and text onto your logo, placing it wherever you want. And, it’s quick – it’s the perfect tool if you need a logo quickly and you don’t have design skills already. Although there aren’t ready made templates for you to choose from, there’s icons and text options to choose from so that if you already have a design in mind, you can easily craft a logo that’s made up of all of the elements you want.

The design maker also features examples on what your logo will look like on a business card or t-shirt, while you’re in the process of making your logo – that way, you can make sure that the design you’re in the progress of making looks like what you dreamed it would. The system makes it easy for you to picture your business materials, exactly how you pictured.


Graphicsprings is another great tool for users who don’t know exactly what they want going into their logo creation process. Graphicsprings offers more options than some other tools for completely customizing your logo – you’re able to customize everything from the shadows to the glow of the text. And, you can search for images based on categories such as animals, sports, and the outdoors to make it easy to quickly put together something that’s relevant to your brand and along the lines of what you were hoping for.


Logaster’s site describes itself as a “creation wizard” – which sums up how easy it is to use. The site allows you to type in your company name and the type of industry the company is in, and then it generates a variety of logo styles with different layouts and color options just for you. And, the logo download itself is free – something that makes this site stand out from other options. If you want a higher quality version of the logo, you will have to pay a small fee. However, with the user-friendly nature of the site, and the fact that it generates your logo for you, this site is worth your time.


Logopond isn’t a logo design maker, or even a logo generator, but it is a source of inspiration for those who are just starting out on their journey to creating a unique identity for their business. The site offers a chance to join a community of designers and artists who are committed to sharing ideas, and features submitted logos from members of the community on a weekly basis. 

Creating a Professional Logo for Your Weed Brand

The world of CBD, weed and anything related to products or accessories related to smoking or vaping is growing at a massive pace. In order to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of audiences around the world, you will need a great looking brand identity and company logo.

Being able to see logos crafted by graphic designers across the world in every industry can serve as a huge inspiration, especially if you’re searching for ideas on what to do with your logo. And, you can see which designers are creating new logos on a daily basis, and follow along with designers whose work you like to see what new art they’re creating.